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Sibling Shock

Title: Sibling Shock
Original title: Sibling Shock
Format: 8 x 12 minutes, HD
Starring: Maria Ross
Esra Nur Kula
Mikkel Brennhovd
Erika Mamelund
Rolf Kristian Larsen
Sara Khorami
Per Kjerstad
Directed by: Solveig Wed√łe
Produced by: NRK Super
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Sibling Shock

When a family of two becomes a family of six.

Seven-year-old Sigrid has lived alone with her dad for several years. But when his girlfriend and her three children move in, Sigrid finally gets the siblings she has always dreamed of. Things don't quite turn out as she expected: Niko, with whom she shares a room, seems to hate her. Mina, the smallest, is a pain in the neck, and her teenage stepsister Adriana doesn't give her the time of day. But Sigrid is determined: she will find a way into her stepsiblings' hearts and her place in her new patchwork family!