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Side Effects

Title: Side Effects
Original title: Side Effects
Format: 2 x two hours
Starring: Benjamin Sadler (SIDE EFFECTS)
Katharina Wackernagel
Hans-Werner Meyer
Caroline Peters
Directed by: Adolf Winkelmann
Produced by: Produced by Zeitsprung Film+ TV Produktion and EOS in coproduction with WDR and ARD Degeto with backing from Filmstiftung NRW in association with Beta
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Side Effects

One single pill that changed the course of history...

Young lawyer Paul Wegener and his wife Vera are looking forward to the future. Paul has just opened up a new law practice and Vera is expecting her first child. Their dreams of happiness are shattered when their daughter Katrin is born without arms and with only one leg. When Paul discovers the similarity between their own situation and another case he is working on, he suspects that there might be a connection between the supposedly harmless sedative of which Vera had taken only a single tablet during her pregnancy, and Katrin's handicap.
For Paul it's a personal mission to bring down the makers of thalidomide, and he takes up the fight against the producer of the medication. His marriage is put to the test when Paul becomes more and more distant at home and Vera accuses him of leaving her with the task of raising their daughter alone. Katrin, meanwhile, is growing up to be a happy, self-assured and amazingly independent child.
Paul scores a major success - the highest payment ever awarded in a lawsuit in Germany. But his greatest joy is to have triggered a process that ultimately just about eliminated the possibility of such tragedies in the future, and that helped the physically challenged to become fully accepted and integrated into society.


  • Gold World Medal for "Side Effects"

  • Outstanding ratings for "Side Effects"