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Sinister Sister

Title: Sinister Sister
Original title: Sinister Sister
Format: two hours, HD
Starring: Andrea Bowen
Lydia Hearst
Brando Eaton
Diora Baird
Ryan Carnes
Sterling Jones
Jess Adams
Briana Cuoco
Directed by: Jake Helgren
Produced by: The Ninth House for Lifetime
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Sinister Sister

Nick and Haley's lives are turned upside down at the arrival of Nick's estranged sister Zara and the dangerous events that follow in her wake. By the time Haley discovers the truth about Zara, it is almost too late...

Haley and Nick are eagerly awaiting their first child when the sudden death of Nick's father changes everything. For the funeral, Nick's estranged half-sister Zara shows up, and quickly, a bond between Haley and Zara grows.
After a while though, the family is dismayed by a series of frightening events that seems to follow in Zara's wake, each more bizarre than the last. The ousting of the baby's godmother, the sudden appearance of Zara's unsavory ex, a break-in at home, the brutal murder of the family lawyer – and Nick's almost-fatal accident... Haley no longer feels safe in her own home, and, by the time she discovers that Zara is not who she claims to be, she and the baby are already in mortal danger.