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Title: Sirens
Original title: Sirene
Format: 12 x one hour, HD
Starring: Valentina Bellè
Ornella Muti
Luca Argentero
Michele Morrone
Maria Pia Calzone (EQUILIBRIUM)
Denise Tantucci
Massimiliano Gallo
Directed by: Davide Marengo
Produced by: Cross Productions in co-production with Beta Film in association with 21 Srl in collaboration with Rai Fiction
Episode 1


A young Mermaid who has left the sea is looking for her true love in Naples and finds it where she doesn't expect.
Starring Valentina Bellè (MEDICI - THE MAGNIFICENT), Maria Pia Calzone (GOMORRHA), Ornella Muti (TO ROME WITH LOVE), Luca Argentero (EAT PRAY LOVE) and Denise Tantucci (BEN HUR)

They are mythological creatures with captivating beauty. Sirens have come out onto the mainland to give a future to their species, enchanting men with their magic. Playfully and charming but deeply vulnerable if they lack water, four sirens enter Naples, the city built by sirens, to conquer the hearts of men and mankind on their mission to save the world from selfishness. But when Marica and her three daughters Yara, Irene and Daria are looking to find Yara's fiancé, they are settling by chance in the flat of good looking teacher Salvatore. A light-hearted, endearing romantic series where the sea and the land are involved in the oldest battle ever: male versus female. But then, the Napolitan, life-affirming men – and “life-affirming” all over! – will amaze them with their passionate nature.