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Six Empty Seats

Title: Six Empty Seats
Original title: Polet
Format: 8 x one hour
Starring: Evgeniya Dobrovolskaya
Oksana Akinshina
Mikhail Efremov
Directed by: Pyotr Todorovskiy
Produced by: 1-2-3 Production


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Content London
Digital Premiere 


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Episode 2 
Episode 3 

Six Empty Seats

Alex Pina meets Dostoevsky. From the producers of DEAD MOUNTAIN - THE DYATLOV PASS INCIDENT and TO THE LAKE.

They are six colleagues who could not be more disparate. Yet one day, fate binds them closely together: When they miss a flight by sheer coincidence and the machine crashes upon take-off, the group of employees are the only ones who live. And at first, everything just goes back to normal. But the trauma of the avoided disaster and sheer arbitrary nature of their survival keeps eating away at them. What are their mundane lives worth if they are seemingly just wasting the precious time they have, not living their dreams? So, they all decide to take fate in their own hands and do something so dangerous, that it will change the course of their lives forever. Yet as they recklessly start playing against the rules, fate seems to have a way of catching up with them…