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Snow Bride

Title: Snow Bride
Original title: Snow Bride
Format: two hours, HD
Starring: George Wyner
Patricia Richardson (Home Improvement)
Jordan Belfi (ENTOURAGE)
Katrina Law (Spartacus: War of the Damned)
Susie Abromeit (JESSICA JONES)
Robert Curtis Brown
Bobby Campo (BEING HUMAN)
Tom Lenk
Directed by: Bert Kish
Produced by: Johnson Production Group in association with Hallmark Entertainment
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Snow Bride

Christmas! A time for joy and scandal

Starring Katrina Law (Spartacus), Jordan Belfi (Entourage), Bobby Campo (Being Human) and Patricia Richardson (Home Improvement)

How the impossibly beautiful Greta ends up in a torn and muddy wedding dress, struggling through snow-covered shrubs and being rescued by the impossibly handsome Ben – now that's a long story. And long stories are not Greta's thing. She's a reporter for “Pulse” magazine, a tabloid that gleefully reports on everything that celebs want to keep secret. The victim du jour is Ben Tannenhill, son of a late senator and ex of Klaire Sinclaire, an ambitious beauty whose purpose in life is to marry a Tannenhill. Since Ben has broken up with her, she's trying her luck on Ben's brother Jarrod. When Jarrod shows up for the holidays with Klaire in tow, Ben is hurt and spontaneously declares Greta – whom he saved from freezing in the snow – as his girlfriend. Greta can't believe her luck: embedded in the heart of the Tannenhill family, she's ready to pluck apart an arrogant, upper-class family and damn its immoral lifestyle. But she begins to shift into low gear when she realizes what a warmhearted, loving man Ben is, and what a fundamentally decent family the Tannenhills are. Ben and Greta fall in love, and the family rejoices. Only Klaire views this pandemic of joy and love with ill will and resolves to find out who Greta really is.