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Sofia Flux

Title: Sofia Flux
Original title: Sofia Flux
Format: 7 x 20 min , HD
Starring: Hedvig Skogli Olsen
Leonard Valestrand Eike
Jorunn Kjellsby
Andreas Cappelen
Camilla Frey
Nils Petter Morland
Mariann Hole
Directed by: Ida Sagmo Tvedte
Produced by: NRK Super
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Sofia Flux

Two unlikely friends start their biggest adventure to help people in trouble and to spread joy and happiness...

To make life more exciting, eight-year-old Iben thinks it's fun to tell the occasional lie, though not about things that really matter. One day an old lady, Sofia Flux, gives Iben and her friend Albert a magic hearing aid. When they put it on they can hear what people are thinking, and they start using it to help people in trouble as well as to spread joy and happiness to those who need it. But suddenly Sofia Flux's wicked nieces turn up in search of the hearing aid, and things are getting complicated.

Is it really a good thing to know what other people are thinking? Should one always tell the truth, or is it sometimes better not to? And what, exactly, is the truth, and what is a lie?