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Special Virus Unit

Title: Special Virus Unit
Original title: D.I.K. - Jagd auf Virus X
Format: two hours
Starring: Bettina Engelhardt
Pierre Besson
René Hofschneider
Matthias Brenner
Michou Friesz
Directed by: Andreas Senn
Produced by: Produced by Colonia Media Filmproduktion for Sat.1 in association with Beta

Special Virus Unit

The time is one minute before outbreak

All the suspense and danger of a detective series.
All the tension and extreme situations of a medical series.

Deadly viruses, contagious diseases – the moment a highly infectious ailment is reported is the moment the Special Virus Unit springs into action. Every second counts when it comes to locating patient No. "0" and neutralizing the strain before it infects and kills millions. The team must work in total unison and with clockwork precision.
Based at Berlin's Institute for Infectious Diseases, the strike force under Dr. Sarah Bergmann races to the center of the outbreak, anywhere in the country. Today it's the legionnaire's disease; tomorrow it could be the West Nile virus, resistant parasites or even tuberculosis. The five scientists, biologists and physicians must fight not only against the clock, but also against bureaucracy, ignorance and chance.
In their first case, they face an outbreak of meningitis – as well as a delirious and unpredictable bank robber. The gravely ill man is holding six people hostage, including Dr. Bergmann and her closest aide…