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Street Legal

Title: Street Legal
Original title: Street Legal
Format: 6 x one hour, HD
Starring: Cynthia Dale
Cara Ricketts
Steve Lund (BITTEN, REIGN)
Yvonne Chapman
Directed by: Various
Produced by: IGP Productions in co-production with The Broken Clown Company for CBC

Street Legal

Justice can be done

Top corporate attorney Olivia Novak has worked long and hard for this case against big pharma on the opioid crisis and it is bound to catapult her to the top. But when a start-up practice of three rookie lawyers takes that same case to court before she does, Olivia is blindsided. In a back-stabbing move by her partners, she is ousted from her firm. But Olivia does not give in easily and joins the team that bested her. The biggest asset Olivia has to offer is her know-how; and her savvy research detective Derek doesn't harm either. Together with her over-confident, underfinanced, but highly motivated new partners Adam, Mina and Lilly, Olivia heads off into a David-and-Goliath battle which will test them to the bone. What looks like a forced pact soon turns into a mutually profitable, fresh start for Olivia while the three rookies learn to draw on her fearless demeanor. Though they clash and must face personal tribulations and private demons, on this they all agree: justice can – no – justice must be done!