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Team Marco

Title: Team Marco
Original title: Team Marco
Format: two hours
Starring: Owen Vaccaro
Louis Cancelmi
Anthony Patellis
Anastasia Ganais-Gellin
Directed by: Julio Vincent Gambuto
Produced by: Boro Five
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Team Marco

In with the old - out with the new!

A rough summer for 12-year-old Marco. First mom moves them out of the city, dad never answers his texts, and then "nonno" moves in: He has to share the room with his grandpa! While Marco only lives online, nonno drags him to the park to play boccia - boring! But non-gluten-free Italian cookies, nonno's Vespa and boccia buddies slowly win Marco over. Then dad turns up and reminds him of their VR challenge. Marco is game... but nonno locks up his digital gear until Marco beats him at boccia with his own friends. That's when Team Marco is born!