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Ten - Umbra Mortis

Title: Ten - Umbra Mortis
Original title: Das jüngste Gericht
Format: 2 x two hours
Starring: Tobias Moretti (THE DARK VALLEY)
Christoph Waltz
Silke Bodenbender
Christian Redl
Tim Seyfi
Directed by: Urs Egger
Produced by: Lisa Film for ORF and RTL in association with Beta
Part 1 
Part 2 

Ten - Umbra Mortis

In the tradition of 'Seven', a frantic search for a bizarre serial killer...

A deranged serial killer has descended an entire city into dreadful panic. As the police begin their investigation, they could not possibly know what archaic and mysterious evil awaits them…

The mystifying case falls into the hands of Thomas, a detective whose troubled past alone is enough to threaten his already-wavering emotional stability. Aided by his colleague Anton and the criminal profiler Monika, Thomas embarks on an obsessive hunt for what appears to be a fanatical killer on an obscure and sinister mission.

All the victims have suffered the same type of grotesque deaths inflicted on criminals in the Middle Ages…with the only other link in the murders being a vague connection to the Ten Commandments…

When the killer's trail leads Thomas back into the uncomfortable territory of his own family history, he's soon to learn that his own secrets are not the only ones remaining hidden…