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The Adventures of Rabbi Jacob

Title: The Adventures of Rabbi Jacob
Original title: The Adventures of Rabbi Jacob
Format: two hours, HD
Starring: Louis DE FUNES
Suzy Delair
Marcel Dalio
Claude Giraud
Renzo Montagnani
Directed by: Gerard Oury
Produced by: Films pompereu and Horse Films in association with Beta

The Adventures of Rabbi Jacob

A bigoted Frenchman finds himself forced to impersonate a popular rabbi while on the run from a group of assassins - and the police.

Basically, the French industrialist Victor pivert has nothing against foreigners – as long as they stay where they come from.

On his way to his daughter's wedding, Victor pivert stumbles into a series of unbelievable adventures which cure him of his racial prejudices in a hilariously original manner…

After realizing that his faithful old chauffeur Salomon is Jewish, Victor pivert is taken for a Black after his face is covered with soot from his car's exhaust. As if this were not bad enough, he has a car accident and must seek help, whereby he runs into the Arab Slimane, who is fleeing from a murder commando sent from his native country. pivert, totally bewildered by his perilous escapades, joins Slimane. they disguise themselves as rabbits, not suspecting that this will be plunging them into new complications. A Jewish family with its prodigious progeny, waiting to launch into an ebullient family celebration, mistakes pivert and Slimane for Rabbi Jacob and his pupil, the guests of honor. And thus pivert finds himself all of a sudden in the midst of a turbulent Jewish family reunion, together with an Arab on top of that! there is simply no end to the chases, fights and cases of mistaken identity.

Finally, after pivert's breathtaking but reluctant escape, a happy end is in store for the false Rabbi Jacob: his daughter marries Slimane, who becomes the president of his country; and pivert, finally unmasked, is enthusiastically and heartily invited to the Jewish family's celebration.