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The Bible

Title: The Bible
Original title: The Bible
Format: 21 x 2 hours, HD
Starring: Ben Kingsley (HUGO, IRON MAN 3)
Elizabeth Hurley
Dennis Hopper
Klaus Maria Brandauer
Jeremy Sisto
Armin Mueller-Stahl
Jonathan Pryce
Patrick Dempsey
Directed by: Various
Produced by: LUX VIDE, KirchMedia and Quinta in association with RAI, France2, Antena 3, ARD, MTM, Czech TV, NCRV, BSkyB and Beta
42 hours in HD 
Remastered in HD 

The Bible

Epic 42-hour drama, remastered in HD, Emmy® winner with multiple nominations: Ben Kingsley, Elizabeth Hurley, Dennis Hopper and Jacqueline Bisset star in the greatest story of humankind.

42 HOURS of event programming - a total budget of more than $ 100 MILLION - seven Emmy nominations and an Emmy for BEST MINISERIES!


SAINT PAUL (2 x two hours)
Paul of Tarsus tortured and persecuted Christians until he experienced a vision of Jesus that forever changed his life. After converting to Christianity, Paul suffered persecution and imprisonment, but never stopped trying to spread the teachings of Christ in this tale of redemption and forgiveness.

Abraham (2 x two hours)
Rather than choosing a great leader or king, God chooses Abraham, an elderly shepherd and man of great faith, to establish his Covenant with mankind. For Abraham, God's greatest promise is that his family will continue through the line of his son, Isaac. But God tests Abraham's faith by commanding him to do the unthinkable.

David (2 x two hours)
David is a simple shepherd boy chosen as King of Israel under the watchful eyes of the prophets Samuel and Nathan. His rise to power is met with tests of adversity – from the battle with the Philistine giant Goliath, to a personal threat from King Saul.

Esther (two hours)
Esther, an Judean orphan raised by Mordecai, is chosen from all the maidens in Persia to become queen. While becoming a queen is where most fairy tales end, this is just the beginning of the true story of the courageous heroine who risked her life to save her people from the wicked prince Haman.

Genesis (two hours)
A sage recounts the great stories from the Book of Genesis to his wide-eyed grandson and nomads around a desert campfire; The creation of man and woman, the original sin, the expulsion of Adam and Eve from Paradise, Cain's murder of Abel, the condemnation of God, the spread of corruption and evil, God's rage at man's sin, the choosing of Noah, the building of the Ark, and the Great Flood.

Jeremiah (two hours)
The story of the prophet who abandons his family and the woman he loves, in order to relay God's message in Jerusalem. When his prophecy is fulfilled, he witnesses Jerusalem's destruction at the hands of the Babylonians.

Jesus (2 x two hours)
Witness Jesus' journey from simple carpenter to spiritual leader, philosopher and martyr –focusing on his compassionate teachings as well as his relationships with parents Mary and Joseph, his apostles, Mary Magdalene, his Roman and Pharisee persecutors, and the heavenly father.

Joseph (2 x two hours)
Joseph, sold into slavery by his brothers, uses his gift for divining dreams to rise from a slave to Pharaoh's most trusted aide, saving Egypt from seven years of famine.

Moses (2 x two hours)
Faith in God. Escape from slavery. The two great themes from the Old Testament book of Exodus are given thrilling new life in this recreation of how Moses led the children of Israel from bondage in Egypt to freedom in the Promised Land.

Jacob (two hours)
Jacob's life is set against the heartache and hope of his relationship with the woman he seems destined to never possess. Sustained by his faith in God and his love for Rachel, Jacob perseveres…and becomes the father of the twelve tribes of Israel.

Solomon (2 x two hours)
Solomon is crowned King of Israel and rules the land with love, peace and respect. While visiting the city, Solomon meets the beautiful Queen of Sheba and falls in love. When she returns to her homeland, Solomon falls into a deep depression, departing from his once idyllic world of peace and luxury while his kingdom threatens to collapse.

Samson and Delilah (2 x two hours)
Samson is a simple shepherd with the strength of a titan and the destiny to fight General Tariq and his army of Philistines. Delilah is a Philistine beauty, torn between her love for the shepherd and loyalty to her people.

The Apocalypse (two hours)
Roman Emperor Domitian has unleashed a virulent campaign against the Christians. Held captive by the Romans, the aged apostle John struggles to save Christianity from extinction by sending letters to the Christian communities of Asia Minor.
Driven by the wish to meet the last living witness of the Lord's passion, the young Christian Irene succeeds in gaining access to John's prison.