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The Border

Title: The Border
Original title: The Border
Format: 38 x one hour, HD
Starring: James McGowan
Sofia Milos
Graham Abbey
Nazneen Contractor
Jonas Chernick
Grace Park
Directed by: Various
Produced by: White Pine Pictures for CBC


Season 2-3 
Season 1 


SCREENER: Season 1
Gray Zone 
SCREENER: Season 1
Bodies on the Ground 
SCREENER: Season 2
Episode 3 
SCREENER: Season 2
Episode 10 
SCREENER: Season 3
Episode 3 

The Border

In a world divided by fear, they hold the line...

The border is the last defense against global crime, and it's Mike Kessler and his elite rapid-response team, aided by a futuristic global research and surveillance network, that risk their lives to guard it.
Counterfeit cancer drugs... the rescue of a submarine crew... the theft of revolutionary oil-extraction technology... Afghan heroin hitting the streets - all extremely dangerous cases that make the unit's teamwork even more critical...
But with the arrival of the new Homeland Security agent Liz Carver, the team undergoes a dynamic change. Young and attractive, Liz has a brashness about her that both antagonizes and seduces the members of the unit. To the charismatic Gray, she's a sensual breath of fresh air, but for the language expert Layla, she's competition. For Kessler, who already has his hands full with the M16 agent Charlotte and his college-age daughter Zoe, Liz is both a blessing and a threat - especially when her inexperience and idealism come into contact with politically sensitive issues.
Charged with maintaining international security, the elite unit must first and foremost resolve their internal conflicts and overcome the stresses of their personal lives. It's only when they can work together as an effective team that they'll be able to successfully confront the extremely dangerous challenges coming their way...

The highly successful and long-running series "The Border" is back with even more intriguing episodes...


  • Wikileaks: THE BORDER in focus of US State Department

    Munich, 15 December 2010. The Canadian TV series The Border has drawn considerable attention at the US State Department in Washington.