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The Christmas Ornament

Title: The Christmas Ornament
Original title: The Christmas Ornament
Format: two hours, HD
Starring: Kellie Martin (ARMY WIVES, ER)
Cameron Mathison (ALL MY CHILDREN )
Jewel Staite (THE KILLING)
Laura Mennell
Brendan Meyer
Nicole Oliver
Gwynyth Walsh
Directed by: Mark Jean
Produced by: Ornamental Productions in association with Front Street Pictures
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The Christmas Ornament

As fragile as life. As precious as love.

Starring Kellie Martin (Army Wives), Cameron Mathison (All My Children) and Jewel Staite (The Killing)

It will be a “silent night” indeed for the newly widowed Kathy this year. Still coming to terms with the loss of her husband Scott, she dreads the thought of Christmas, which had meant so much for the two of them. Especially buying and gifting Christmas tree ornaments had become a much-loved tradition, with each item connected to something special in their lives. When handsome, rugged Christmas-tree shop owner Tim enters Kathy's life by chance, the sparks are immediate, the chemistry one of a kind. But despite her budding feelings for Tim, and the active encouragement of her best friend, Kathy cannot fully open up to him. How will there be place in her heart for Scott if she has to make room for Tim? Foreshadowing difficult times ahead are the unexpected return of Tim's ex-girlfriend and the accidental shattering of the tree ornament symbolizing “hope” that Tim gave Kathy. But just when she's given up all hope, support comes in the sweetest, most loving and most unexpected way...