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The Christmas Ring

Title: The Christmas Ring
Original title: The Christmas Ring
Format: two hours, HD
Nazneen Contractor
Chelsey Reist
Directed by: Troy A. Scott
Produced by: Johnson Production Group for Hallmark Channel
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The Christmas Ring

Starring Nazneen Contractor (STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS), David Alpay (THE TUDORS, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES) and Harper McIntyre (THE 100)

When young journalist Kendra is hunting for a lost family heirloom, she finds a ring with an intriguing inscription, “My Christmas Love, 1948.” Kendra decides to uncover the story behind it. Her chance to write something deeper than the usual personality quizzes! She travels to a quaint little town and runs into Michael, a famous architect who has gone off the radar after a public breakup – and grandson of the ring's owner. While he's adverse to talking to Kendra at first, her will to uncover the courageous love story between his grandparents soon draws him in and the two closer together. But when her editor prefers Michael's relationship drama, Kendra must gather her own courage to risk it all and follow her heart…