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The Club of Ugly Children

Title: The Club of Ugly Children
Original title: De Club van Lelijke Kinderen
Format: 1 x 90 minutes, HD
Starring: Sem Hulsmann
Faye Kimmijser
Narek Awanesyan
Jeroen van Koningsbrugge
Jelka van Houten
Maan de Steenwinkel
Roeland Fernhout
Directed by: Jonathan Elbers
Produced by: Umami Media (Casper Eskes, Niek Teunissen and Wim Boven) in co-production with Shooting Star Film Company and EO
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The Club of Ugly Children

When the new president wants to hide away all the “ugly” children to keep the schools neat and clean, one of the boys, Paul, escapes. On the run, he and some friends start an underground revolution that will challenge the perception of all the adults and ultimately bring down the evil president.

“Keep it clean!” – The slogan of the new president rings through the orderly streets. It is to be taken literally, and that includes looks. One of the kind of unsightly kids is Paul, whose large jug ears are quite apparent on class photo day. When he and some of the “ugly” children are taken on a trip the next day, they soon realize that the president wants to hide them away. Paul escapes. On the run, and with help from Sara, one of the “pretty” children, he starts an underground club to fight against the president. The movement soon grows bigger and quickly turns into a revolution. The kids will show the world that even children can rise up and that you don't have to be “pretty” to be a hero!

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"Kids will love this film."

"All children should see this film!"

"Thrilling and very funny."