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The Color of Rain

Title: The Color of Rain
Original title: The Color of Rain
Format: two hours, HD
Starring: Lacey Chabert (PARTY OF FIVE)
Warren Christie (TRUE JUSTICE)
Alex Zahara
Lisa Durupt
Gwynyth Walsh
Directed by: Anne Wheeler
Produced by: A Lighthouse Pictures production in association with LaCanada for Hallmark Channel US
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The Color of Rain

Love is a gift – no matter when it comes

Based on a real-life story and New York Times bestselling book, and starring Lacy Chabert (Party of Five) and Warren Christie (True Justice)

A joyous spirit had always filled the home of Gina Kell, her husband and their two boys. But then her husband fell ill and passed away. At their local elementary school the two boys meet three children, who, by a horrible coincidence, lost their mother only weeks after the death of their own dad. There seems to be a special bond between them that reaches out to their parents Gina and Michael. Curiously, it was Michael's wife who begged her husband to call Gina and share his experiences with her. The practical, no-nonsense Gina sees that Michael is having great trouble adjusting and taking care of his three children, and does what she can to help. Luckily, the kids all get along great and have no objections to a deeper relationship between their parents. Having become good friends, Michael and Gina proceed to the next step. But complications arise when the townspeople begin to talk... Another partner so soon? Disrespectful! No heart! And the children! Certain that they are doing the right thing, Gina and Michael courageously face the people who can't – or won't – accept this love, and are prepared to fight for their families' happiness.