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The Devil Strikes at Night

Title: The Devil Strikes at Night
Original title: Nachts, wenn der Teufel kam
Format: two hours, HD
Starring: Mario Adorf
Claus Holm
Hannes Messemer
Directed by: Robert Siodmak
Produced by: Produced by Divina Film GmbH & Co. in association with Beta

The Devil Strikes at Night

During World War II, a police inspector hunts down the real serial killer, but the wrong man is still convicted.

During World War II, Inspector Kersten one day comes across an old file about a series of unsolved murders. Although a suspect has already been arrested, Kersten starts an investigation of his own and comes up with the real killer, who turns out to be insane. An SS Officer, keen on gathering arguments for an action against the mentally ill, takes an interest in the case but the Nazi leadership decides it would be unwise to admit that a psychopatic obsessed killer, Aryan to Boot, was able to go about his murderous business for years without being apprehended. While the innocent man is made to pay for the last murder, the mentally ill man is executed without a trial, and the inspector is sent to the front.