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The Eye of the Bear

Title: The Eye of the Bear
Original title: Lapislazuli - Im Auge des Bären
Format: two hours
Starring: Clarence John Ryan
Julia Krombach
Paula Nocker
Lena Stolze
Hans Werner Meyer
Christoph Waltz
Gregor Bloeb
Vadim Glowna
Directed by: Wolfgang Murnberger (SILENTIUM, THE BONE MAN)
Produced by: Dor Film, Dor Film-West, Krebs & Krappen Filmproduktion, Cobra Film and Samsa Film with the support of MEDIA Programme of the European Union and Stiftung Kuratorium junger deutscher Film with backing from ÖFI, ORF, FFW, Eurimages, BKM, FFHH, NRW, Filmfonds Luxemburg and Cine Tirol in association with Beta

The Eye of the Bear

Awakened from his ancient sleep, a Neanderthal boy and a young girl embark on a journey of adventure…

Since her mother's death, Sophie has never been able to accept her father's second wife as her new mom. Reluctantly, she agrees to accompany the family on a vacation to a high mountain chalet...

That very night, a flaming meteorite hits the Earth, tunneling its way deep into a glacier's crevasse in those same mountains. As it melts its way through the ice, the meteorite passes by and awakens - from his 25,000-year sleep - the young Neanderthal boy Bataa.

After running away from her family at the chalet, Sophie encounters the Neanderthal boy. When both their shock and fears subside they find a way to communicate and soon develop a bond of friendship, which grows even stronger as they learn that they both miss their mothers.

Through a mystical and wise mountain hermit who had unearthed the sacred "Eye of The Bear" totem, Sophie learns that Bataa belonged to the Cave Bear Clan and must return to their hidden cave to continue his spiritual journey to reunite with his family.

But an ambitious paleontologist wants to capture the boy as a scientific prize. With Bataa rapidly becoming weaker from the unfamiliar modern environment and his pursuers drawing dangerously close, it's to her new mother that Sophie turns for help...