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The Fox

Title: The Fox
Original title: The Fox
Format: 4 x two hours, HD
Starring: Lina Wendel
Karim Cherif
Jasmin Schwiers
Torsten Michaelis
Rene Schoenenberger
Robert Dölle
Directed by: Samira Radsi (DEUTSCHLAND '83)
Produced by: Odeon TV by Novafilm Fernsehproduktion for ARD Degeto
On a Dark Trail 
Traces of the Coal Dust 
The Traces of the Past 

The Fox

In the service of a vanished land

Anne is in her 50s and the kind of woman who doesn't care for chit-chat, formalities or feigning friendliness. During her years as a spy for East Germany, she always got right to the point; her resoluteness and quick decision-making were major assets in her life and career. Now, Anne and her business partner Youssef prefer to investigate on their own, as private detectives who are using every trick in the book. They make for an odd couple as they go on to solve case after case – bending the rules and making powerful enemies in the process – and sometimes, it gets very personal.