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The Goldfish

Title: The Goldfish
Original title: Die Goldfische
Format: two hours, HD
Starring: Tom Schilling (GENERATION WAR, OH BOY)
Birgit Minichmayr (3 DAYS IN QUIBERON, DOWNFALL)
Directed by: Alireza Golafshan
Produced by: Wiedemann & Berg Film GmbH in co-production with Deutsche Columbia Pictures Filmproduktion GmbH and Sevenpictures Film GmbH
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The Goldfish

A gang of disabled flatmates attempt to smuggle black money from Switzerland to Germany.

Oliver is a hard-working portfolio manager, living life in the fast lane. But after a devastating car crash he ends up paraplegic. In rehab, he stumbles into the “Goldfish Group”, a band of disabled roommates in a board and care home. When Oliver learns that his illegal financial transactions in Zurich are about to blow, he has an idea: Using a bus full of handicapped people as the perfect disguise to smuggle 1.2 million Euros across the German-Swiss border. Yet things are about to go south when the members of the “Goldfish Group” act differently than they were supposed to… It all ends up in a rousing road trip – beyond the boundaries of greed, glamour, luck and legality.

Press Quotes

"Refreshingly bold and funny: the best German comedy in a long time."