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The Good Witch's Destiny

Title: The Good Witch's Destiny
Original title: The Good Witch's Destiny
Format: two hours, HD
Starring: Catherine Bell (BRUCE ALMIGHTY, J.A.G, ARMY WIVES)
Hannah Endicott-Douglas
Sarah Power (WILD ROSES)
Matthew Knight
Peter MacNeill
Catherine Disher
Robin Dunne
Elizabeth Lennie
Directed by: Craig Pryce
Produced by: Whizbang Film production in association with Lee Distribution, Inc. for Hallmark Channel US
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The Good Witch's Destiny

The secret of the Grey Lady

There's something definitely magical about Cassie Nightingale. But when even her loved ones start to wonder how Cassie seems to know everything and be everywhere, the good witch senses that she's in for a rough ride... It begins with stepdaughter Lori's writing project, the story of the Grey Lady who once lived in their house many years ago – and who shared more than the same birthday and an amazing physical likeness with Cassie. Then Drew arrives in Middleton, a boastful young man prone to investing fortunes into hopeless scams and blaming others when his projects fail. The person responsible – in his eyes – for his current fiasco and his fiancée's break-up with him is Cassie. And the vibes he is sending out in her direction are definitely laced with danger. Lori then discovers the Grey Lady's journal which suddenly breaks off on her birthday, which is also Cassie's. As her family fears for her safety, Cassie resolves to clear up the hocus-pocus concerning Drew and the Grey Lady with a tried-and-true method: humor, openness and the acceptance of one's destiny.


  • Good Witches with magic ratings