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The Good Witch's Wedding

Title: The Good Witch's Wedding
Original title: The Good Witch's Gift
Format: two hours
Starring: Catherine Bell (BRUCE ALMIGHTY, J.A.G, ARMY WIVES)
Catherine Disher
Peter MacNeill
Matthew Knight
Directed by: Craig Pryce
Produced by: A Whizbang Films Production in association with Lee Distribution, Inc. in association with Beta
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The Good Witch's Wedding

Magic happens!

To the folks in Middleton USA, Cassie Nightingale is a special, almost magical person, always sunny, optimistic, and bewitching! In fact, it's odd how good things seem to happen when she's around. Christmas is coming and police officer Jake Russell, Cassie's fiancé, has decided to give her the perfect gift: a Christmas Eve wedding! Cassie is delighted, but there are only six days to go, and lots and lots to do.

Complications arise when ex-con Leon Deeks shows up in town after serving ten years in jail for robbing a bank. Jake, who put him behind bars back then, is convinced that Leon is up to no good and has come to retrieve the money he robbed and hid. Leon tells Jake that he wants a second chance; what he doesn't say is that he wants the money so he can flee with his daughter Jody and start a new life somewhere else. But the money is hidden beneath the floor of Cassie's shop.

Meanwhile, everything starts going wrong with Jake's and Cassie's wedding plans: a dog eats the wedding cake, the minister can't make it, the wedding ring is lost and Jake can't get a wedding license since there are no documents proving Cassie's existence. There's also bad blood at home, with Jake's son Brandon angry with his sister Lori, and grandpa George sad to move out of the house. Cassie has to work her magic with her family, the community and ex-con Leon to fix all the obstacles in time to turn the wedding into a perfect holiday celebration!


  • Good Witches with magic ratings

  • Catherine Bell enchants 3.6 million viewers

    Munich, 14 Nov 2010. The Good Witch's Wedding starring Catherine Bell has premiered as the highest rated program of the year on Hallmark Channel.

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