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The Good Witch's Wonder

Title: The Good Witch's Wonder
Original title: The Good Witch's Wonder
Format: two hours, HD
Starring: Catherine Bell (BRUCE ALMIGHTY, J.A.G, ARMY WIVES)
Hannah Endicott-Douglas
Matthew Knight
Peter MacNeill
Catherine Disher
Directed by: Craig Pryce
Produced by: A Whizbang Films Production in association with Lee Distribution, Inc. For Hallmark Channel US
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The Good Witch's Wonder

Friends always have a way of finding each other.

Sometimes “good witch” Cassie Nightingale wishes she could look into the future – like when stepson Brandon suddenly moves up his wedding date, leaving Cassie with only days to organize the event. Help is on its way, however, when a pleasant young woman named Audrey enters Cassie's shop looking for a job. The two women hit it off instantly, and Cassie feels she can trust her a hundred percent. With the shop humming along under Audrey's expert supervision, Cassie can turn her attention to Brandon, who's getting cold feet. After a heart-to-heart talk with him, Cassie knows that Brandon's “I do” will ring out loud and clear at the altar. Also making demands on her time and patience is the town's big charity auction. Curiously, Audrey seems fascinated by the auction; but when both she and the auction items – including a precious family memento of Cassie's – disappear, suspicion falls on Audrey, who is indeed hiding a dark secret. Now it's time to put her friendship with Cassie to the test...