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The Great Silence

Title: The Great Silence
Original title: THE GREAT SILENCE
Format: two hours, HD
Starring: Jean-Louis Trintignant
Klaus Kinski
Frank Wolff
Luigi Pistilli
Mario Brega
Carlo D'Angelo
Marisa Merlini
Directed by: Sergio Corbucci
Produced by: Produced by Adelphia CompagniaCinematografica and Les Films Corona in association with Beta
Remastered in HD! 

The Great Silence

Bounty killers led by Loco prey on outlaws hiding out in the snowbound Utah mountains. After Pauline's husband becomes Loco's latest victim, she hires a gunman for revenge; Silence, mute since his throat was cut as a child. Cult classic by legendary director Sergio Corbucci.

1896. Snow has fallen in the Rockies, forcing the outlaws hiding in the mountains to come down to the valley. Waiting for them are the bounty killers, who are paid by the government for every outlaw they bring in. The cruelest of them all is Loco (Klaus Kinski), who takes sadistic pleasure in disabling his opponents by shooting their hands to a pulp.

There's only one man the victims' families believe can stop this lawlessness: Silence (Jean Louis Trintignant), so named because bounty killers cut his vocal cords when he was a child. Silence agrees to avenge them, partly for money and partly out of love for Pauline, the widow of a man killed by Loco. In the final showdown, Silence is struck down by Loco, who tops his cruelty by killing Pauline as well before riding off to pursue his murderous tradeā€¦

This tale of government-approved lawlessness, of violence sanctioned by law, is one of the greatest films by renowned Italian director Sergio Corbucci.The charisma and intensity of the young Klaus Kinski and Jean Louis Trintignant, the chilling music of Academy Award winner Ennio Morricone and the suggestive photography of Silvano Ippoliti raise this Italo-western to the ranks of a timeless classic.

Available in Italian, English and German.