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The Holy Family

Title: The Holy Family
Original title: The Holy Family
Format: 2 x two hours
Starring: Alessandro Gassman
Ana Caterina Morariu (WAR & PEACE)
Brando Pacitto
Franco Nero
Angela Molina
Massimiliano Varrese
Directed by: Raffaele Mertes
Produced by: A RTI - FIDIA FILM coproduction in association with Beta Film
Part 1 
Part 2 

The Holy Family

A love that defied conventions and embraced a divine mystery

Who were Joseph and Mary? What were they really like? The story of Jesus's birth is well known, but not the story of his parents. In this sumptuous retelling of their lives, we are shown flesh-and-blood human beings, life-loving, sensual individuals. Joseph is a red-blooded male who is first annoyed, then touched, and finally won over by the much younger Mary. Mary blends sweetness and determination, self-confidence and self-doubt. They poignantly portray the dilemma of a very young woman to whom a "mysterious child" is announced, and of her husband, whose love is put to a difficult test when his wife becomes "mysteriously" pregnant. The two-part miniseries was written by Massimo de Rita (The Octopus, Padre Pio), directed by Raffaele Mertes (Emmy for Joseph as Best Miniseries) and stars Alessandro Gassman (Hamam, Samson and Delilah) and Ana Caterina Morariu (Ocean's Twelve, War and Peace miniseries). Filmed in Jordan with sets designed by Oscar and C├ęsar winner Gianni Quaranta (A Room With A View, Farinelli), the production exploits the beauty and spirituality emanating from Jordan's landscapes. This "Holy Family" takes a fresh, modern, yet in-depth approach for today's audiences.