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The Indian Tomb

Title: The Indian Tomb
Original title: The Indian Tomb
Format: two hours, HD
Starring: Debra Paget
Paul Hubschmid
Claus Holm
Sabine Bethmann
Walther Reyer
Directed by: Fritz Lang
Produced by: Eberhard Mechsner
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The Indian Tomb

After fleeing, two runaway lovers are recaptured by the furious Maharajah, who plans a terrible revenge. The sequel to "The Tiger of Eshnapore".

Harald Berger, a German engineer, and the Indian temple dancer Seetha are on the run, fleeing from Chandra, the Maharajah of Eschnapur. Seetha does not want to marry the Maharajah, and Berger, who is in love with her, does not feel like being his master architect. Chandra's men are hot on the couple's heels; a peasant hides them, only to betray them for the reward put on their heads. Berger is thrown into the dungeon, Seetha ends up at the maharajah's feet, with the prospect of dying a horrible death. But Chandra's devilish scheme to have her buried alive is foiled: led by Ramigant, his opponent, the people rise up against Chandra.