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The Man Without a Life

Title: The Man Without a Life
Original title: Mein Vater, meine Frau und meine Geliebte
Format: two hours
Starring: Christine Neubauer (GOD'S MIGHTY SERVANT)
Friedrich von Thun
Erika Marozsán
Directed by: Michael Kreihsl
Produced by: A coproduction by epo-film, Mythberg Films and Apple Films for ORF, Hungarian TV and Polish TV with backing from Film Fund Vienna, RTR Fund Vienna, Cine Styria in association with Beta

The Man Without a Life

As an empire crumbles, a young man seeks his bearings in the shifting sands of love...

Based on the novel “Der arme Verschwender” by Ernst Weiss, which was dedicated to Stefan Zweig

Winner of the 2005 Golden FIPA and the 2005 ROMY for director Michael Kreihsl

Ernst's world is one of thick carpets, soft cushions and heavy drapes that swallow everything up: undesirable words, inappropriate feelings, life itself. It is the world of a respectable family in a far-flung province of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, shortly before the outbreak of World War I.
Ernst is the son of a famous ophthalmologist, a domineering figure who rules his family with a heavy hand. Yet Ernst cannot rebel against him; on the contrary, he wants to become a famous physician as well. The path he chooses, however, is far from ideal: he marries the family maid, then rejects her when he finds out she tricked him by lying about her pregnancy.
He then enters into a tormented affair with a young married noblewoman who abandons everything to be with him. Yet he cannot be hers completely either. The more successful he becomes in his profession, the deeper he plunges into an engulfing carpet of manipulation, betrayal and domination woven by his father, his wife and his lover.