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The Maths of Love

Title: The Maths of Love
Original title: Liebe ist unberechenbar
Format: two hours
Tanja Wedhorn
Karoline Teska
Michael Gwisdek (GOODBYE, LENIN!)
Directed by: Ingo Rasper
Produced by: Moviepool für ARD Degeto

The Maths of Love

When Judith is thrown into a new job at the university, she not only finds her passion math, she also falls for the awkward professor she's supposed to work with.

Leonard and Judith have little in common. Judith is a people person, works in the campus café and lives in a university apartment. Leonard is a maths professor who loves solitude. But when the University starts reserving their housing for teaching staff, Judith has to improvise to keep it. Her lover Stefan, Head of University PR, orders Leonard to inspire schoolchildren for the magic of numbers. Worse, he has to team up with Judith! Turns out, Judith has a talent for reaching the students, despite her lack of qualification. And while Judith starts seeing maths with different eyes, Leonard starts seeing her differently as well … Opposites attract: A scientific phenomenon that also occurs in love!