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The Mistletoe Inn

Title: The Mistletoe Inn
Original title: The Mistletoe Inn
Format: two hours, HD
Starring: Alicia Witt (TWIN PEAKS)
Lucie Guest
Linden Banks
Casey Manderson
Tiffani Timms
Directed by: Alex Wright
Produced by: Mistletoe Inn Productions Inc for Hallmark Channel U.S.
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The Mistletoe Inn

Based on the bestselling novel by Richard Paul Evans. Starring Alicia Witt (TWIN PEAKS) and David Alpay (THE VAMPIRE DIARIES).

Kim has dreams of becoming a published romance novelist. But her dream seems to come true for other people than her – like for her boyfriend Garth, who dumps her right in time for Christmas. That does it! Kim decides to take matters in her own hand and signs up for a writing retreat at the Mistletoe Inn in snowy New England. And wouldn't you know, Garth is there, too. On top of that, she keeps bumping into another participant, Zeke, who has a talent to annoy her. When Kim is partnered up with Zeke at the workshop, it seems like things couldn't get any worse. Yet there is something to him, and the more time the two spend together, the more an attraction builds between them. This retreat might just change Kim's life in ways she couldn't imagine…