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The More We Are Together...

Title: The More We Are Together...
Original title: Alle sammen sammen
Format: 27 x 25 minutes, HD
Starring: Anna Filippa Hjarne
Kristian Verpe Indrebo
Henrik William Hoyskel
Tarun Agnihotri
Ida Oldeide Hay
Sylwia Arnesen
Espen Reboli Bjerke
Marit Adeleide Andreassen
Teodor Janson
Directed by: Gisle Halvorsen
Stine Buer
Produced by: NRK Super in collaboration with SVT
Season 1, Eps 3 
Season 2, Eps 1 
Season 2, Eps 4 
Season 2, Eps 9 
Season 3, Eps 1 
Season 3, Eps 4 
Season 3, Eps 6 

The More We Are Together...

Two families, nine individuals, under the same roof – what can go wrong?

This series follows the chaos that ensues when two families inherit a house together and all move in.

Stefan and Guro are brother and sister, and it was their late grandmother's wish that they and both their families move into the house she has left them; her hope was that in doing so, the two siblings will be able to give their children the same happy childhood they themselves enjoyed.

However, when five completely different children and four grown-ups are suddenly living together under the same roof, the misunderstandings and complications are boundless!