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The Mountain's Whisper

Title: The Mountain's Whisper
Original title: Harter Brocken
Format: 6 x two hours, HD
Starring: Aljoscha Stadelmann (CLOUDS OF SILS MARIA)
Julia Koschitz (TOUR DE FORCE)
Anna Fischer
Moritz Führmann
Alwara Höfels
Anja Kling
Directed by: Stephan Wagner
Florian Baxmeyer
Produced by: H&V Entertainment for ARD Degeto
The Mountain's Whisper 
The Key Witness 
The Bank Robbery 
The Secret Code 

The Mountain's Whisper

He might miss the target but he never fails to nail the criminals.

On first glance, Frank Koops is not much to look at – the overweight small-town cop has a huge problem hitting a target and requires lots of practice at the shooting range. But when push comes to shove, Koops might just show you what he's made of! Knowing his kind-of-backwoods hometown like the back of his hand, he can be a real asset to solving crimes that leave others at a loss. And so he is hot on the trail when 1.4 million Euros from a bank robbery vanish or is the only one to keep a key witness safe when the mafia tries to murder her at any cost. One thing is for sure; this cop is has a lot more going on than you might expect…