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The Other Child

Title: The Other Child
Original title: Das Andere Kind
Format: 2 x two hours, HD
Starring: Marie Bäumer (THE COUNTERFEITERS)
Hannelore Hoger
Fritz Karl
Clemens Schick (JAMES BOND 007 - CASINO ROYALE)
Directed by: Urs Egger
Produced by: teamWorx Television & Film GmbH Produktion on co-production with ARD Degeto, SWR, HR in association with Beta
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The Other Child

Three generations of a family haunted by a shameful decision
Based on the bestselling novel bei Charlotte Link

Many years ago, when WWII was still raging in England, Fiona Barnes' family was bombed out and Fiona sent away to the countryside to be cared for by the Beckett family. As Fiona said goodbye, a little neighbor boy, Brian, attached himself to her and, from then on, became part of her life, like a brother. Today, Fiona has become a bitter old woman who spews unpleasant truths and cutting remarks to all who wish to hear her out – or not. Her current target is Dave Tanner, a seductive slacker who is getting engaged to Gwen, the Becketts' plain, gushingly romantic only daughter – and future heiress of the Beckett estate. At the engagement dinner, for which Fiona's granddaughter Leslie, a child psychologist, has come from afar to attend, Fiona attacks Dave with unprecedented violence, accusing him of only wanting to marry Gwen for her money, and of much more as well. Furious, Dave departs, leaving Gwen heartbroken and desperate. The next morning, Fiona's body is found at the foot of a cliff; her death was not an accident.

The police interrogate all who were present at the dinner and obviously suspect Dave, who has no alibi. It also emerges that Dave, who once spent time in jail, has incurred heavy debts and is practically penniless... Gwen, however, doesn't care: she'll give him all the money he wants, as long as he'll marry her. The events then hurtle onward like a derailed train, with the police prematurely announcing the capture of Fiona's killer, Gwen discovering that her best friend Leslie slept with Dave, and Dave being nearly fatally shot on the cliffs... While trying to solve the mystery on her own, Leslie discovers what weighed upon Fiona for so many years and made her so bitter: the horrifying fate of the “other” child, which she silently accepted and did not try to prevent. To this day, Brian's fate continues to cast its shadow on a tormented family...


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