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The Sandpixies

Title: The Sandpixies
Original title: Die Sandmanzen
Format: 39 x 5 minutes, HD
Starring: animated characters
Directed by: Ralf Kukula
Produced by: Balance Film Production in co-production with RBB, MDR, NDR and Zabelle Inc. (Kanada), Facteur 7 Inc. (Kanada), supported by MDM
Episode 18
Da Capo, George 
Episode 26
Clouds, nothing but clouds 

The Sandpixies

When the sun goes down, they come out to play!

A sandbox is a magical place, full of sand and toys and boisterous girls and boys. Castles and kingdoms are built in a day, and imagination knows no bounds. When daytime turns to night and the children have all gone home to their cozy beds, everything is still - but not for long… As the moon rises, a little pile of red sand bounces out of a pail: it's Agatha, ready for a new adventure! Perky and eager, she's always the first to get up, and then has to coax her best friend George the sleepyhead out of his comfy little blue pail. Because, after all, doing things together makes them twice as fun. And once George gets going, he's full of pep and has a heap of wonderful ideas. Whether riding a train through the Wild, Wild West, finding snail a new home or flying to the moon, George and Agatha conjure up delightful solutions to master even the most quirky challenges. And, most important of all, they stick together no matter what comes their way. Because that's what friends are for.