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The Santa Suit

Title: The Santa Suit
Original title: It's beginning to look like Christmas
Format: two hours
Starring: Kevin Sorbo (HERCULES, ANDROMEDA)
Jennifer Gibson
Faria Darrell
Jodie Dowdall
Brianna Daguanno
Directed by: Robert Vaughn
Produced by: Produced by Chesler/Perlmutter for Hallmark Channel US in association with Beta
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The Santa Suit

Would YOU make a good Santa?

With his sharp suits and elegant hand-made shoes, Hunter Toys CEO Drake Hunter is the poster boy for corporate success. As Christmas approaches, the arrogant, profit-hungry manager comes up with a perfidious marketing plan to spread holiday cheer in his year-end balance sheets: he dispatches a legion of Santas to shops all over city to whisper into children's ears that they should ask their parents for Hunter toys! No matter if they've been made by children in Asia, or if they blow up practically the moment after they've been unpacked. But Real Santa is watching, and he's not amused. Before you can say “ho ho ho,” Santa transforms Drake into the chubby, red-suited, white-bearded fellow we all associate with Christmas.

Now Drake has a problem, since no one recognizes him and he has to stay at a homeless shelter. With no family or friends to miss him, Drake makes friends with the pretty social worker Nancy and gets a job as a toy-store Santa. There he meets little Gemma, who spends her days at the toy store since her mom, to make ends meet, has to pull double shifts at – you guessed it – Hunter Toys. Humbled and broken, Drake realizes that the true profit he can derive from his company is the satisfaction and joy his employees and customers will feel if he treats them with humanity and integrity. As soon as Drake proves his willingness to mend his ways, Santa reappears and transforms him into his “old” self – but now with a “new” heart that wins everyone over, especially Nancy.