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The Tower

Title: The Tower
Original title: Der Turm
Format: 2 x two hours, HD
Starring: Jan Josef Liefers (THE TOWER)
Sebastian Urzendowsky (THE TOWER, BORGIA)
Claudia Michelsen (THE TOWER, THE TUNNEL)
Götz Schubert
Directed by: Christian Schwochow
Produced by: a teamWorx production in co-production with MDR and ARD Degeto as well as BR, NDR, WDR, SWR und RBB for ARD in association with Beta Film
Part 1 
Part 2 

The Tower

Tales from a vanished land

Based on Uwe Tellkamp's “The Tower,”one of the most important books of European post-war literature" (DIE ZEIT)

Communist East Germany in its final decade. Even for the privileged intellectuals living in the villas of Dresden's noble suburbs, the cracks in the forbidding facade of the East-German police state can no longer be airbrushed away. Yet despite the restrictions, there are also advantages for the educated few. It is in this atmosphere that Christian, the shy, quiet son of senior physician Richard Hoffmann and his wife Anne, has grown up. Christian also wants to become a doctor, and struggles to meet Richard's rigorous demands. But is Richard really the model of integrity and moral responsibility he claims to be? No one in the family suspects that Richard has been inan relationship with a colleague for several years already. The family suffers a crippling blow when the notorious SecretPolice force Richard to be an informer, and void his appointment as head physician when he doesn't deliver. Christian also runs afoul of the authorities and enlists in the Army in the hope of compensating for his “un-socialist” behavior. As the 80s come to a close and the citizens of East Germanypublicly clamor for more freedom, Richard suffers a nervous breakdown, Anne becomes a political activist, and Christian finds himself among the soldiers told to use violence to quell a protest. Among the protestors is his mother Anne...