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The Trojan Horse

Title: The Trojan Horse
Original title: The Trojan Horse
Format: 2 x two hours, HD
Starring: Tom Skerritt (ALIEN, TOP GUN)
Greta Scacchi
Paul Gross
Martha Burns
Rachel Crawford
Saul Rubinek
Clark Johnson
Kenneth Welsh
Directed by: Charles Binamé
Produced by: "Produced by Whizbang Films Inc. in association with the Canadian Broadcasting corporation with the participation of the COGECO Program Development Fund and of the Canadian Television Fund created by the Government of Canada and the Canadian Cable Industry"
Part 1 
Part 2 

The Trojan Horse

Searching for a murderer, a journalist uncovers a conspiracy that could change the power balance of the entire world.

London. Journalist Helen Madigan is investigating the murder of a computer specialist who developed a ghost program intended to manipulate elections. She, too, is soon pursued by cold-blooded killers who seem to be working for an alliance of secret services. Strangely, the ghost program contains within it the name of Tom McLaughlin, the last Canadian Prime Minister before Canada's fusion with the United States. With U.S. President Stanfield intent on invading Saudi Arabia for its oil, McLaughlin runs for the U.S. presidency as a peace candidate. Fearing that the CIA is planning to rig the next elections, Helen meets with McLaughlin to warn him, but realizes that he, and not the U.S. government, is behind the ghost program. And that he is the flesh-and-blood "Trojan Horse" that is about to take over the White House with the backing of various European secret services...