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The Wall II - The Chateau Murder

Title: The Wall II - The Chateau Murder
Original title: La Faille II - Le Chateau
Format: 9 x one hour, HD
Starring: Isabel Richer
Alexandre Landry
Maripier Morin
Directed by: Patrice Sauvé
Produced by: Pixcom

The Wall II - The Chateau Murder

A mysterious murder investigation set against the imposing backdrop of Canada's national landmark, where master of the craft Alfred Hitchcock filmed his noir classic I CONFESS: the famous Hotel Château Frontenac.

It looms large over Quebec City: The Hotel Château Frontenac, with its steeply pitched roofs, massive towers, ornate gables and tall chimneys. It is a National landmark – and the site of a bizarre murder. The body of an infamous engineer is found buried in a cement bath. Detective Sergeant Céline Trudeau is on the case. As the victim was held responsible for the deadly collapse of an overpass a few years earlier, could it be someone was out for revenge? Could the fierce competition for a huge construction contract be the motive? As the murders keep multiplying, while Céline can still count on Alex' help, she must deal with a new partner: Daphné is meticulous, but has little experience. But when Céline's ex-husband, whom she has not seen for 20 years, becomes a suspect, her daughter Sophie is let down a perilous path...