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The Wall I – Cover Your Tracks

Title: The Wall I – Cover Your Tracks
Original title: La Faille - I
Format: 8 x one hour, HD
Starring: Isabel Richer
Alexandre Landry
Maripier Morin
Jean-Philippe Perras
Directed by: Patrice Sauvé
Produced by: Pixcom
Episode 1 
Episode 2 
Episode 3 
Episode 4 

The Wall I – Cover Your Tracks

In a remote mining colony, the body of a young dancer is found. Céline, an experienced metropolitan detective, is sent to investigate and her personal life is increasingly entangled in the case in this isolated community full of secrets.

Fremont: A remote mining colony in the endless frozen hell that is Canada's far North. The body of a young exotic dancer is found and the Quebec City police sends one of their toughest, most experienced detectives to investigate. Céline sure is always up for a challenge. Being cooped up in the massive structure that is the colony – the inhabitants simply call it “The Wall” – soon presents her with some challenges that exceed her investigative efforts. Not only does everyone here seem to have a secret and a connection to the victim, Céline's own past has a way of catching up with her here. Like her estranged daughter Sophie, who turns out has built a life of her own in this icy middle of nowhere of all places. While Céline is coming under increased pressure to find the killer, connecting the dots to the suspicious death of a young boy three years ago, and the inhabitants of the mine each thinking they know exactly who the culprit is, one fear is always present: The murderer will soon strike again…