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The Wild Soccer Bunch

Title: The Wild Soccer Bunch
Original title: Die wilden Kerle
Format: 26 x 24 minutes, HD
Starring: animated characters
Directed by: Mike Maurus
Dietmar Kremer
Produced by: WunderWerk in co-production with Beta Film in co-operation with ZDF




SCREENER: Season 1, Eps 5
Torn Apart 
SCREENER: Season 1, Eps 8
Brothers in Arms 
SCREENER: Season 1
Episode 1 
SCREENER: Season 1
Episode 2 
SCREENER: Season 1, Eps 10
Secret of the Grafitti Castle 

The Wild Soccer Bunch

Everything is great as long as you're wild


The Wild Soccer Bunch: Seven friends who want to win the toughest and most dangerous soccer tournament in the world – the Freestyle Soccer Contest. There is a lot at stake. But it's not only about soccer…

The stories are fast, cool and wild. They touch all the big topics of the small viewers: Friendship, trust, betrayal, love, envy and hope. Gripping characters, fantastic locations, a mystic element and great emotions make this animated series the perfect addition to the ultra successful brand “Die Wilden Kerle” (book series sold 4 million times in Germany, 5 films totaling nearly 9 million admissions, distributed in 30 countries)!

The Wild Soccer Bunch © Masannek Birck WunderWerk 2011