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The Wrong Man

Title: The Wrong Man
Original title: Faux Coupable
Format: two hours, HD
Starring: Guillaume Gouix
Lola Naymark
Aurélien Recoing
Marianne Basler
Emma De Caunes
Directed by: Didier Le Pêcheur
Produced by: Ego Productions / Be Films
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The Wrong Man

When an obsession turns deadly...

It was only a one-night stand, but one that Louise will never forget – even though the sex wasn't great and she can't remember the guy's name the morning after. The young man, Jordan, has a completely different memory of their night together. Hot, passionate sex and, above all, Jordan's unique sensation of having found the love of his life, the woman destined to be his and his alone till the end of time. That he's a stalker becomes clear at the latest when he beats up her ex and starts plying her with phone calls and e-mails in which he expresses his endless love for her – plunging her into what will soon become a nightmare of horror.

Louise confides in her mother Isa, an attorney, her father Daniel and Isa's close friend Lena, all solid, upper-class professionals who are overwhelmed by the growing obsessiveness and violence of the young man. Jordan, who comes from a broken home and whose father killed his mother, is a petty criminal who nearly always manages to outfox his pursuers. What's more, he's a computer ace who can work wonders with other people's websites, as Isa, Lena and Daniel soon find out.

First he manipulates the computer of Louise's high school, deleting all traces of her attendance of important classes. Then he spreads wild rumors about Lena, compromises Isa and nearly gets Daniel fired from his job. All Jordan wants is Louise – and whoever gets in his way must be eliminated. When he begins making allusions to death, Louise's parents know they must quickly find a way out of their predicament. Unable to obtain police protection, this little group of affluent, well-bred “bourgeois” have to prove that they're every bit as cunning, determined and, perhaps, violent as Jordan himself...