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Those Days

Title: Those Days
Original title: In jenen Tagen
Format: two hours, HD
Starring: Erich Schellow
Winnie Markus
Franz Schafheitlin
Alice Treff
Directed by: Helmut Kaeutner
Produced by: Produced by Camera Film GmbH in association with Beta

Those Days

Seven stories of lives turned upside down by the ravages of World War ll.

1.:On the day of Hitler's seizure of power a young girl, who could have lived a sheltered life, goes abroad, accompanied by the man who loves her. 2.: A thirteen-year-old girl despairs of her mother because she thinks that her beloved father has been betrayed by her. 3.: A shop-owner and his Jewish wife see their only escape in joint suicide. 4.: The member of a resistance group disappears without trace. 5.: In Russia a lieutenant recognizes the truth which till then he had not wanted to believe. 6.: The car is to bring two people to freedom after the 20th July 1944. 7.: The confusion of the last days of the war brings a man and a girl together.