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Trading Christmas

Title: Trading Christmas
Original title: Trading Christmas
Format: two hours, HD
Starring: Tom Cavanagh (ELI STONE, SCRUBS, ROYAL PAINS)
Faith Ford (Hope & Faith, Murphy Brown)
Gabrielle Miller (Corner Gas, Robson Arms)
Emma Lahana
Andrew Francis
Gil Bellows (ALLY McBEAL)
Directed by: Michael Scott
Produced by: Trade Street Productions
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Trading Christmas

A change of address can change your life

It's been a couple of years since Emily's husband passed away. Difficult years for the vivacious, much-loved teacher and mother of a 21-year-old daughter. Christmas is approaching, and for Emily, it's less a season to be jolly than a season to remember – the Christmases past, the cherished traditions, and especially the departed husband and father.

Then she has a brilliant idea: on an Internet house-swapping site, she signs up for a holiday exchange – her Seattle-area home for the Boston apartment of a writer, Charles, looking for peace and quiet to finish his novel. No sooner has Emily arrived in Boston than Charles' brother Ray barges into the flat. Emily is startled – pleasantly startled – when he turns out to be a really sweet, quiet guy, and single!

While Emily and Ray spend the next days together, Charles can't find a second of peace in Emily's house – especially when her friend Faith shows up hoping to surprise her. Faith ends up stranded with Charles, however, who can't stand Faith's chirpy good humor. But when Faith turns out to be a gifted copy editor, Charles overcomes his writer's block and starts to see the beautiful woman right next to him. Emily, meanwhile, realizes that she can't continue to mourn her dead husband forever – and that this year, Christmas will be about new beginnings!


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