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Title: Traitors
Original title: Verräter
Format: two hours, HD
Starring: Hannah Herzsprung (FOUR MINUTES, THE READER)
Albrecht Abraham Schuch (MEASURING THE WORLD)
Christian Redl
Stephan Kampwirth
Jule Ronstedt (ALMANYA)
Anian Zollner
Uwe Preuss
Jan Messutat
Directed by: Franziska Meletzky
Produced by: H & V Entertainment for ZDF
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Lies are the only way out

The Baltic Coast, 1988. The East German regime is rejecting glasnost and perestroika, and the Secret Service “Stasi” is as busy as ever, meticulously gathering information on the country's citizens. Police officer Martin Franzen has, so far, remained faithful to the system. He watches as the body of a woman, Johanna, is pulled ashore from the Baltic Sea. Apparently, she was shot while trying to escape to the West. When an important witness dies, allegedly a suicide, the Stasi takes over the case. But Martin continues to investigate on his own. A mysterious letter leads Martin to East Berlin and to Nina. He is fascinated by Nina, but Martin's world is shattered when his worst suspicions turn out to be true: Nina and Johanna both belong to the radical leftist West-German terrorist movement Red Army Faction. Under the watchful eyes of the Stasi, they started plotting the assassination of one of West Germany's leading bank managers – with more than just ideological backing from East Germany.