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Trenk, the Little Knight

Title: Trenk, the Little Knight
Original title: Der Kleine Ritter Trenk
Format: 26 x 24 minutes, HD
Starring: animated characters
Directed by: Eckart Fingberg
Produced by: blue eyes Fiction and WunderWerk in co-production with Universum Film and Beta Film in co-operation with ZDF and supported by FFHSH, FFF

Trenk the little Knight © blue eyes Fiction GmbH & Co. KG & WunderWerk GmbH
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Trenk, the Little Knight

This series brings the Middle Ages to life in exciting and entertaining tales that children can easily understand and enjoy.

Nine-year-old Trenk's greatest wish is to become a knight. He's got plenty of courage, but as a poor peasant boy his dream seems impossible. Tired of being treated unjustly by his evil lord, Trenk sets off for the big city with his companion Piggeldy in tow to seek his fortune. He soon makes friends with the traveling trickster Momme Mumm, who manages to get them out of any sticky situation they get into. Then, by chance, Trenk gets an offer to train to become a knight! He becomes the page of Sir Hans at Castle Hohenlob. Thekla, Sir Hans' daughter, has always dreamed of becoming a knight herself, and convinces Trenk to teach her everything he learns. They soon become an unbeatable team. And every time things begin to look hopeless, they can count on Momme Mumm and his trickster friends to come to the rescue. Little by little, Trenk begins to feel like a real knight. It seems his dream has really come true… as long as nobody finds out about his humble background…