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Title: Trigger
Original title: Trigger
Format: 15 x one hour, HD
Starring: Maxim Matveev
Roman Mayakin
Svetlana Ivanova
Viktoria Maslova
Igor Kostolevsky
Directed by: Dmitry Turin
Produced by: Sreda for Channel One Russia




Episode 1 
Episode 2 
Episode 3 
Episode 14 
Episode 15 


A provocative psychologist uses unconventional methods to solve the problems of others - but can he help himself?

Fashionable uptown Moscow: psychologist Artem practices “provocative therapy”, convinced that the fastest and most effective cure is to brutally confront his patients with their fears. Yet his own life is in chaos after he was sentenced to prison for causing a patient's suicide. Free again, he opens a practice in a makeshift office, in a glamorous high rise no less, and sets to work, trying to get his life back on track at the same time. This means getting his wife back, fighting to keep his license to practice, protecting his teenage sister from her violent boyfriend, and, most of all, proving his innocence for the death of his former patient. Moreover he knows the identity of the killer, but proving it isn't so easy. With each case he gets closer to his goal and, although he helps his clients, brilliantly solving their seemingly impossible problems – will he be able to help himself?


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