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Trouble à la carte

Title: Trouble à la carte
Original title: Rindvieh à la carte
Format: two hours, HD
Starring: Muriel Baumeister
Bernhard Schir
Monique Schröder
Luise von Finckh
Roman Knizka
Directed by: Marcus Ulbricht
Produced by: U5 Filmproduktion for ARD Degeto in association with Beta
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Trouble à la carte

A celebrity chef finds the dish of his life...

Gourmet chef Felix's inner clock ticks faster and louder than most people's: always on his cell phone, he scurries from his haute-cuisine restaurant to his mass-cuisine TV food show, and zooms from celebrity photo ops to negotiations with Japanese investors. One day, while zipping down a country road, he causes an accident that leaves a young woman, Frieda, with a broken ankle. Frieda's world is not as glamorous as Felix's: divorced, and with two underaged children, she has to struggle to make ends meet on her farm. But at least she can hope for compensation. Felix, however, doesn't mind paying, but really can't use the bad publicity now, just as he wants to start an international chain of high-class restaurants. And so he cooks up a wicked plan to win hearts, especially investors,' by helping the temporarily disabled Frieda on her farm, and making sure the press gets wind of it. Frieda's daughters think he's cool; Frieda thinks he's false, arrogant, self-serving and, well, somehow attractive. And Felix? He starts feeling it may be time to reset his inner clock...