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Two Soldiers

Title: Two Soldiers
Original title: I Due Soldati
Format: two hours, HD
Starring: Angela Fontana (INDIVISIBILI)
Daniele Vicorito (GOMORRHA)
Dario Rea
Walter Lippa (GOMORRHA)
Nunzio Coppola
Nunzio Nappi (LOOSE CANNONS)
Directed by: Marco Tullio Giordana
Produced by: Cross Productions in co-production with Beta Film in collaboration with Rai Fiction
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Two Soldiers

Two young men. One is in the army and the other in thrall to the Mafia. And the girl who is left behind.

A Film by multi-award-winning Director Marco Tullio Giordana; Starring Angela Fontana (INDIVISIBILI), Daniele Vicorito (GOMORRHA) Bianca Nappi (LOOSE CANNONS) and Walter Lippa (GOMORRHA)

Two young soldiers: Enzo in service to the military; Sasà, to the Mafia. Engaged to Maria, Enzo has taken a mortgage on a nice, new apartment. But while she and her mother are planning the wedding and shopping for furniture, he is killed in action in Afghanistan. The wedding turns into a funeral. Maria is devastated. The new flat is to be sold before it has even been occupied. When she arrives to clear out, she finds Sasà – a soldier of another kind. Wounded in a shootout between two rival gangs, he has taken refuge in the first empty flat he could find. Brought together by a twist of fate, she lets him stay and tends to his wounds. It somehow distracts her from her sorrow. As he recovers, the two draw closer, but face an uncertain future.