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Victor Hugo - Enemy of the State

Title: Victor Hugo - Enemy of the State
Original title: Victor Hugo, Ennemi d'Etat
Format: 4 x one hour, HD
Starring: Yannick Choirat
Isabelle Carré
Erika Sainte
Nade Dieu
Angela Molina
Lorenzo Lefebvre
Gaspard Meier-Chaurand
Cosima Bevernaege
Directed by: Jean-Marc Moutout
Produced by: Quad Télévision and Point du Jour for France 2
Part 1 
Part 2 
Part 3 
Part 4 

Victor Hugo - Enemy of the State

Victor Hugo, great luminary and incurable womanizer, seeks justice and social reforms, while juggling wife, mistresses, political chaos and completing his classic Les Miserables.

1848, Paris under Siege: Victor Hugo is torn between his family, his mistresses and political turmoil - never mind finally completing his classic novel Les Miserables. Although Hugo is a confirmed Royalist, he supports the Republic and Louis Napoléon Bonaparte, who is soon to become president, convinced that he will initiate social reforms. But when the new government is formed and Hugo is overlooked for office, he realizes that he has been used. Furious at the deception, he and his sons launch a daily newspaper to give the people a voice. Nor is it less chaotic on the home front, as he is juggling his love life between two mistresses and his long-suffering wife and mother of his children. When Napoléon seizes power and his sons are jailed for insurrection, Hugo insists that his wife and daughter leave Paris, where he remains, devoting himself wholeheartedly to the resistance. Openly denouncing repression, he is declared Enemy of the State and has to face disgrace and exile.


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